Episode 36 – Artichoke Dip from Amanda

Meat Free Radio
Episode 36 – August 8, 2010

On Episode 36 of MeatFreeRadio.com, Mikepod and Tim talk our summer sabbatical break from the show, what we’ve been eating, Mikeypod’s baking adventures, products we’ve tried, and we catch up on Voice Mail, Email and Comments from our wonderful listeners.  Thanks to Amanda for the artichoke dip picture for the show art.

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Links on the Show:
The Clinton Wedding Vegan Menu Article from MSNBC

Music on the show:
Don’t Eat Like A Barbarian – Paul Seymour
Corey Dargel – The Men We Used To Be (For Paul from Jack)

Thanks for listening.


  1. Great podcast, glad you are back. My favorite summer dish is sprouted lentil salad we make here in Detroit at the Golden Gate Cafe. They grow the kale in the yard. I work in the kitchen and pick it fresh everyday. I’ll take a photo and send it later. I love gazpacho also. We made it this weekend from fresh produce from the CSA we belong to. Brother Nature Produce a Detroit Urban Farm. They gave us cucumbers, hot peppers, and heirloom tomatoes this week. Along with all the regular harvest. Sweet lyric’s in the Coey Dargel song….every day we walk a few more miles in each other’s shoes And we’re becoming more like each other than the men we used to be.
    Martha, fellow fabolitionist vegan!

  2. Loved it as usual! Great work guys. Can’t wait for the next one :)

  3. Thanks for brining up the issue of rennet. I don’t remember hearing about it on your podcast before unless that was one of the ingredients that made Tim’s vegan mac and cheese NOT vegan.

    Trader Joe’s has a list of rennet free cheeses that they stock – http://www.traderjoes.com/pdf/guides/guide-rennet-test.pdf

    I don’t know how you ensure that all the cheese you eat is rennet free if you don’t research so I just go without or stick to vegan cheese.

    Keep it up guys! Can’t wait to hear your next podcast once you two get back from your trips.

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